Usability / Features

For a detailled user guide with pictures, please click here.

You can switch on your receiver via Wake-On-LAN using the menu on the left side if your receiver supports Wake-On-Lan (e.g. VU+ Duo 2)

Yes. The first profile (standard profile) should always be the main receiver in the local network. When creating a further profile, you can choose whether it is an external profile (for access from the Internet) or an additional receiver.

The automatic data update is only ever carried out with the first profile. The data for the second receiver must be started via the 'Data update' option in the menu.

IPTV channels are supported either by being directly integrated as channels or as M3U list. Additionally I recommend my apps dream Player IPTV and dream Player IPTV for Android/Fire TV

You can use voice control if the device you use has a microphone and uses Amazon Alexa (Fire TVs) or Google Assistant.

Either press the microphone button or activate the device with the codeword (e.g. Alexa, Echo, Hey Google...).

The following commands are then available:

Play / Resume / Play (to start playback from the overview or to resume from a paused recording)

Pause (to pause recordings, timeshift cannot be activated with this function)

Next (advances to the next channel on Live TV, or by 5 minutes on recordings)

Back (Switches to the previous channel for Live TV, and back by 5 minutes for recordings)

x minutes/seconds forward/backward (jumps the specified time within a recording, e.g. 5 minutes forward)